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Job title Tips:
How to write a good title:
Use words that describe the person you are looking for.
Remember, many jobseekers use keywords to search for jobs.

Please try to be as specific as possible in your job title. Applicant quality will increase.
Example: "Medical Technology Senior Sales Manager" instead of "Med Sales"

What not to do:
Do not use CAPS, exclamation points (!!!), or asterisks (**)
Nor, Words like, 'Immediate, Wanted, Attention, ASAP, Looking for, Hiring, Needed, Available'
Job Description tips:
The first 30 words of your description are the most important.
Try to put the most important information about the job near the top of your description.
Remember: talking about the culture of your company will attract the type of people that
will be comfortable working with you everyday.
Application Notification:
Resumes of applicants will be sent to Reply E-Mail entered. It will not be displayed on the site, to prevent spamming, please do not include any e-mail address in the job description.
Salary Tips
The salary of your job is up to you. Its fine to put a range, an exact number, and hourly wage, a salary + commission, or the fact that an applicant can submit their own salary requirements.
Company Name
The company name is here so the jobseeker can know where they are applying to Usually if you are open with your company name, you can attract applicants that may even be interested to work specifically for your company. Displaying your company name is good for your branding as well. If you choose not to display this, then maybe a description of your company may suit you better like 'Large Private Equity Firm' or if you want to hide
it, you can click the check box to the right and you will "Confidential".
Category Tips:
The category is how we classify jobs. If you are not sure which category to put it under you can can give us a call 646-202-9538.
Experience Tips:
The experience is the amount of years you believe the applicant needs to work at your job. This is the amount of experience needed in a similar position of yours. If the applicant does not need much experience, we would "No Experience Necessary". If you choose, "Any experience is helpful"
Industry Tips:
The industry is dependent on your category and sometimes industry related. We give jobseekers the ability to pinpoint the exact type of job they are looking for. If you have a suggestion, call us 646-202-9538 and we may be able to add it for you.
This is the state where the job is located, not where you are hoping to attract applicants from.
This is the city where the job is located. If you can not find your city, choose the closest one to you.
Skills Tips:
Enter the skills comma (,) separated.
The more skills you put in the box, the more likely that applicants will find your job. If you have a title for 'Retail Sales Manager'.

example of skill could be:
- Sales Manager
- Store Sales Manager
- Customer Service Sales
- Store Sales Position
- Sales Representative
- Sales Position
- Sales Advisor

Recommended Upgrades:
Spotlight - $15 ( Your job will be advertised all over the site )
Share - $35 (job displayed on popular job sites for diversified response)
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