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Field Investigator Resume

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Mark Kyalus,
3827, South 37 Street,
Carlisle, YR 04387,
(225)-390 1097.

Objective: Seeking for an interesting and challenging position of field investigator for a reputed company.

Essential Skills:

  • Familiar with Insurance Claims Investigation.
  • Excellent communication and interposal skills.
  • Able to travel anywhere as needed.
  • Strong Internet and computer skills.
  • Strong attention skills

Work Experience:

Ounty of Honolulu, Hawali
Worked as Field Investigator


  • Responsible for Compliance Enforcement, Licensing and Auditing.
  • Reveal knowledge of techniques and principles of investigation and inspection.
  • Responsible for using standard methods to keep records of business.
  • Responsible for explain and interpret rules, regulations and laws.
  • Meet verities of people and deal effectively with them.
  • Responsible for gathering and verifying necessary information.
  • Prepared clear and brief reports.

Some company
Worked as Regional Field Investigator


  • Responsible for internal and external investigation related to cash, banking, employee wage and inventory control.
  • Responsible for applying and developing training course for employees.

Bachelor's Degree in Commerce, Boston University.